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Welcome to Bayani Therapy

It's time for you to be the hero of your own story..

...while still maintaining your cultural values and core beliefs.

Do you find yourself torn between how you were raised and what you need to do to exist as BIPOC in the United States?

Do you have difficulty between setting boundaries but also not wanting to "rock the boat" or disrupt peace, even if it is at your expense? 

Perhaps you are looking to strike the balance between living a life for yourself without feeling like you are disappointing your family or abandoning your cultural beliefs rooted in collectivism and community?

What if I told you that it's possible to have both? 

I can help you continue to cultivate community and family and support loved ones without sacrificing your mental health, boundaries, energy, and time. 

Contact me today to learn more about my approach to therapy and how I can support you with your counseling goals.

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It is my hope that the love, respect, and commitment we feel for our community runs deeper than anything that can divide us.

– Dr. Dawn Bohulano Mabalon

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