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Women of Color

I love to specialize in working with women of color. We often come from families who never spoke about feelings and emotions and don't understand mental health. Or perhaps we are the only person of color in our workplace. While every woman's lived experience is unique, you don't have to worry about proving yourself to me or spend time helping me understand what it's like to live in a society not built for us. I'll just know

Intercultural Partnerships

I work with individuals who are in multicultural partnerships, whether it is interracial, neurodiverse, multi-gendered, or any situation where there is a struggle to communicate and work together because of different lived experiences. Together, we can determine what the root of the conflict is, see if there are patterns, and co-create some solutions that are rooted in your beliefs and values.

Shush your negative self-talk

Are you a perfectionist? Are you afraid of being disliked or feel the need to people please? Do you feel like your brain keeps telling you that you're not good enough? The pressure to be perfect and to always be liked can hinder your personal and professional growth, negatively impact your mental health, self-esteem or relationships with others. In therapy, we can process these thoughts you have,  learn and practice assertiveness skills and how to set boundaries with others and yes, even with yourself.

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A Supportive Hug
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